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AlmaLuAlma's Upcoming Events For June and July 2018 will be posted soon.

AlmaLuAlma is pleased to announce that Jon da Silva-Spence has made it through major Cancer Surgery and is recuperating very well.

The Group is looking forward to performing sometime in June or July 2018!





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AlmaLuAlma's Videos

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AlmaLuAlma is a Calgary based Worldbeat Band that Features Classic Latin, Caribbean and POP Music.

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Video: Schubert's "Ave Maria" Greetings for 2018  in Pictures of 2017, Singing & Guitar by Jon da Silva-Spence, Drums by Grai Pashak & Recording by Charles Cleivin. Click on the icon below to start!

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The Band: Jon da Silva-Spence,  
Grai Pashak, Brian Spence, & Occasional Guests. 

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AlmaLuAlma Yellow Bird CD for $5.00 OR Individual Songs for $0.99 Each

AlmaLuAlma Yellow Bird CD for $5.00 OR Individual Songs for $0.99 Each

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 AlmaLuAlma arrived on the musical scene in 2011 with a fresh, innovative and unique sound that has an impressive and eclectic range of music in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Latin & Patois dialects!

AlmaLuAlma's musical vibe is original, organic and simple, with a plethora of exotic rhythms, reminiscent of popular Latin and Caribbean Classics. Their genres and music are literally chosen from around the World.

Songwriter, Jon da Silva-Spence brings another dimension to
AlmaLuAlma's sound with his musical Compositions. The Band's collective musical creativity is constantly at work and evolving to make his compositions, and other songs, reach new heights and resulting in rhythmic, vibrant, melodic music, and sensational performances.
 Influences: Canadian, Brazilian, Caribbean, Latin American and Western European Music and Artists. 


About the Band.....

  • Jon has a unique, melodic and powerful Voice, with an exceptional musical range. His renditions of Latin and Caribbean songs are spectacular. He also accompanies the Band's music on the Guitar or Harp.  His harp compositions and other music are excellent for quiet settings, dinner parties and concerts.                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Grai Pashak is an exceptional musician and percussionist. He performs on the Accordion and is skilled and passionate on the Congas and Bongos. His energy and many drum patterns make every song unique and special.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Brian Spence is skilled in playing the Timbales, Bells & other Percussions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • See AlmaLuAlma Guest Page for Musicians, Samba, Salsa, Interpretive, Modern & Belly Dancers.   

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Alma Lu Alma's Band

Alma Lu Alma's Band

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