AlmaLuAlma's Press Kit

AlmaLuAlma's Press Kit

AlmaLuAlma: The Band:  Grai and Jon

AlmaLuAlma: The Band: Grai and Jon

AlmaLuAlma's Press Kit

AlmaLuAlma's "Press Kit" has three sections and provides an overview of its Services.

Section A. Has 8 videos taken from AlmaLuAlma's Performances. 

Section B.  Has the AlmaLuAlma Press Release in numbers 1 to 7. 

Section C. Has testimonials and contact information. 

The three Sections provide a comprehensive overview of "Who AlmaLuAlma is" and some of the Band's achievements.

On the bottom of the page use the player to listen to some of
AlmaLuAlma`s music.   



Section A.  AlmaLuAlma's Videos

To access all videos on the window below, click on the

icon on the top left corner. 

Section B.  AlmaLuAlma's Press Release

Scroll Down and see the Following:

1. AlmaLuAlma's Press Release

2. About AlmaLuAlma

3 . Connecting with the audience

4. AlmaLuAlma is Valued

5. Musicians, Instruments and Themes

6. Summary and The Band

7. Who makes up AlmaLuAlma

Section C. Testimonials and Contact

Some of the feedback from fans!

I can`t live without AlmaLuAlma”

— Riva Wolfe - Oldest and Dearest Living Fan

Amazing band with an unique taste and style”

— Bruno Adami - Brazilian Fan from Rio de Janeiro

Fantastic music”

— Gracilia Rebero

The music is very enjoyable and great to dance to”

— Jeanette Wong

Very entertaining!”

— Clauber Lima

Organic and unique sound”

— José Neto

Made me dance. Amazing group”

— José da Costa

They are consistently good in performance and love to make the crowd dance ”

— Fabiano Liberatori - Business Owner

Innovative and outstanding”

— Curty de Almeida

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